Zoo America comes to LNPWF!!!

Exciting news!!!

Zoo America will present “Native Pennsylvania Species” at this year’s festival 10am-11am!!! Bring the family to see live animals most likely including a turtle, snake, mammal, and bird (although we don’t know exactly what they’ll bring)! Zoo America is the only nearby zoological park focused on species native to North America.  We are so happy they are coming!

Naturalist  Patrick Miller, right, shows students the skunk he brought to the school during a visit from Zoo America to Lycoming Nursery School in Williamsport on Wednesday. The visit also featued a Barred Owl, a snake and an alligator.

Happy New Year!

The festival committee is proud to bring you the greatest Lancaster Native Plant and Wildlife Festival yet in 2016! Please save the date, April 30, 2016, 9am-4pm.

Check for sneak peaks, exclusive details, and tips for native gardening success right here as the countdown continues!!

Here’s the first juicy detail we’ll let slip… Dr. Aaron Haines, certified wildlife biologist, and Millersville student Anthony Kessler will present their latest wildlife research, “Radio-Tracking of Ring-necked Pheasants in Lancaster Central Park”!  We hope you can make it!