Habitat MT is a group of volunteers interested in increasing the amount of native plants in our public spaces and backyards.  We work cooperatively with our public works and parks departments and collaborate with Audubon BirdTown to make positive changes in our community.   We are currently only meeting to plan the Lancaster Native Plant and Wildlife Festival.  Meetings are open to the public.  Please contact us for details.

Contact Group Leaders: habitatmt@gmail.com

Habitat MT Mission:

Promote the conservation of natural habitats through education about the use of native plants and best conservation practices.

Habitat MT Goals:

– Educate about best conservation practices by illustrating the use of riparian buffers, rain gardens, backyard wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry, and invasive plant removal.

– Partner with residents, businesses, and governments to replenish native plants to the natural areas and residential landscapes of MT.

-Engage the community to make changes towards a more sustainable and beneficial landscape.